Our Story

One Creation was first founded in France in 2005 by Nik Pertovic, who at the time specialized in animation, illustration, and video editing. One Creation expanded to America in 2009 when Nik met up with Leigh Ann Cyr, who was creating and marketing reality sites in Los Angeles. Over the years they collaborated on different projects. Passionate about technology and games, Nik took the company in the gaming direction.

Marko Janosevic, a lead programmer who worked with Nik in previous years, was brought on board early 2018. His programming is what was needed to create high quality fun interactive games. Finalizing all components, they recreated One Creation into One Creation, LLC.

And with that, we have created an indie game company that combined all unique skills, experience, and technology that focused on developing original, distinctive, and eccentric content.

Have fun while combining our imagination with yours.